Image by: Joy boseva

Image by: Joy boseva

I’m Leslie.

Nice to meet you!

I grew up in California, moved to the island of O'ahu when I was 19, and currently reside in Seattle, WA. All three places are deeply rooted within me and gave me a love for rugged mountains, wild coastlines, and sunshine.

I’ve been writing since I can remember, filling up pages of journals with everything from mundane day’s events to solo travel experiences. I didn’t share my writing until college, when I moved to Hawaii to attend Hawaii Pacific University. I started a blog where I posted daily musings and photos from island life, as a way to stay connected with family and friends back home. I graduated with a degree in PR and Communications and had a short stint in a corporate PR office. I quickly figured out desk life didn’t suit me, and began traveling and leaning into creative callings.

I’ve since had a plethora of non-linear work experiences that have helped me create my own business and life that I love. And I often get asked “So, what exactly do you do?”

High level overview: I provide copywriting and photography services for outdoor lifestyle and wellness brands and creative entrepreneurs. At the core of my work, I strive to illuminate the unique gifts and courageous stories of entrepreneurs, businesses and artists. I aim to empower their meaningful work and purpose, and support them through all things digital marketing.

Business aside - I'm a lifetime student of yoga and meditation, an advocate for simplicity, and a follower of curiosities. Snail mail, coffee, and road trips in my VW bus Buttercup all rank high on my love list.

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A Few Fun Facts

I’m a Libra, ENFP, and Enneagram Type 7. Translation? I’m an extroverted, optimistic and versatile free-spirit who is always seeking new experiences and adventure.

My guiding values are authenticity, integrity, gratitude and fun.

I lose track of time when I'm behind a camera or reading a great book.

I don’t go a day without coffee and a hug from my hubby.

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