Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.
— Claude Monet

My Story

I’m a born and raised California girl that found roots in both Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest before (very recently) moving to Melbourne, Australia. While I now live in a city of 4 million, my heart belongs in the mountains, on wild coastlines, and always in sunshine.

I’ve been writing since I can remember, filling up pages of journals with everything from mundane day’s events to solo travel experiences. I didn’t share my writing until college, when I moved to Oahu to study at Hawaii Pacific University. I started a blog as a way to stay connected with friends and family, and began posting stories and photos from island life.

I graduated with a degree in PR and Communications and had a short stint in a corporate office. I quickly figured out desk life didn’t suit me, and began traveling and leaning into creative callings.

I’ve since had a plethora of non-linear (but enriching) work and life experiences that have helped me create my own business. But I often get asked “So, what exactly do you do?”

High level overview: I provide copywriting, photography and modeling services for companies, creatives and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry. I love working with female-owned businesses, artists, and people who bring passion and conviction into everything they do.

Business aside - I'm a lifetime student of yoga and meditation, an advocate for simplicity, and a follower of curiosities. Snail mail, coffee, and road trips in my VW bus Buttercup all rank high on my love list.



A Few Fun Facts

I’m a Libra, ENFP, and Enneagram Type 7. Translation? I’m an extroverted, optimistic and versatile free-spirit who is always seeking new experiences and adventure.

My guiding values are authenticity, integrity, gratitude and fun.

I lose track of time when I'm behind a camera, reading a great book, or looking for treasures at the plant shop or thrift store.

I don’t go a day without coffee and a hug from my hubby.

Stay Connected

Portrait taken by Kara Riley