2015 // 2016 : New Year + New Goals



What were my themes of 2015?

Adventure + Celebration 

In between a proposal in January, wedding planning AND getting married in September, I spent a lot of time outdoors, traveling and a ton of time surrounded by family. Every other month in fact, I found myself in California- whether it was to celebrate my parents birthday in Disneyland, back to back trips to Santa Barbara for my sister and nephews birthday over the summer, or our annual trip to Lake Tahoe, precious memories were made and many airline miles were obtained. If I wasn't in California, then I was most likely gallivanting in the mountains of Washington or in Leavenworth gardening and working on wedding plans.  Looking back, I feel fierce gratitude and sentiment for all the moments that made up one of the most incredible years of my life.

As I put 2015 behind me and welcome 2016 (tomorrow already?!), I've been feeling the urgency to plow forward and make good on the intentions that have been mulling in my mind the past few months.  What IS it about the mere change of dates that has us in a fury to "shape up" (literally and figuratively) and incorporate change into our life?  Whether it be creating a budget, letting go of unhealthy relationships, changing career direction or minimizing on material items, New Years embodies releasing the old and stepping into the new. And instead of resolutions, I am more inspired to create goals.

 I strongly believe in the power of getting clear about what you want, manifesting, and writing down your goals.  I've witnessed how the universe works when you get intentional about ambitions, how you want to elevate your life and work to cultivate change. I'm sharing my goals with you today because....

a) I'm excited about them! b) Writing them down will help keep me accountable. c.) I'm hoping you'll create some goals of your own & share them with me.

2016 Goals:

Complete a Triathlon > Last summer I started going on bike rides after work and on the weekends. Jared whimsically threw out competing in a triathlon. I initially believed my fear who was told me it was a feat I couldn't accomplish. I slowly started to believe him as we got into a rhythm of swim and run in the mornings and longer bike rides on the weekends.  Ultimately, the summer was jam packed with weekends away and wedding work so competing got placed on the back burner. Signing up for a competition early this summer will lock me into a training schedule and a commitment to compete and finish!

Artists Date 2x's a month > "Artist Dates are festive, solo expeditions to explore something that interests you. The Artist Date need not be overtly “artistic” — think mischief more than mastery. Artist Dates fire up the imagination. They spark whimsy. They encourage play." I've completed the Artist's Way  by Julia Cameron but the artists date was something I consistently had trouble integrating. This year my goal is to take time away from responsibilities and the "should do" list and dedicate time to explore curiosities.

Rebrand "Forever Stoked" >  This blog has been a part of my life for 5 years now! Wowza. If you've been around since I started on Bloggr - thanks for sticking around. My writing, photography and lifestyle have all changed and I'm ready to give my little writing home a face lift to reflect that. Stay tuned for a new look and more consistent writing at the beginning of the year.

Intentional Giving 1x/ Month > To an organization, cause or person. This can be in the form of time, supplies or money.  Every moment with my community and family remind me that I'm one lucky gal to have a strong foundation of love and support. This unconditional love is what allows me to choose vulnerability and courage and to live bold because my tribe is there when I falter. With this priceless gift comes the realization that much of the world is living without that support, and that the gifts I can contribute should be given and shared freely.

No Technology 1 day a week >  But seriously. This was actually on my goals for 2014 and some weeks I finished strong while others (more often than not) were an epic failure. My day job, blogging and social media all require too much screen time. A day away from technology seems radical, but is a necessary break. It also helps push me to engage in different creative outlets like photography and crafting.

Vacation with Parents > Our families continue to grow and that means gatherings are blissful but busy. Our wants and needs are all different, making it more of a challenge to get that personal 1 on 1 time.  Jared & I want to take our parents on separate trips to get some intentional time to reconnect with them.

 What are you manifesting for 2016? Share in the comments below and have a happy & safe New Year!