Leslie Carvitto

| Photography + Digital Marketing


I’m a Melbourne based digital marketer helping individuals and small businesses elevate their brand through photography, copywriting and modeling.


How Can I Support You?



Create a memorable first impression.

  • Say NO to stock photography and yes to authentic images that inspire your customers to notice you.


Elevate your online presence.

  • Not all content is created equal, especially in the eyes of Google. Let’s create powerful, personal copy that connects you to your audience.


Promote your service or product.

  • Trust me, modeling requires more skill than you think. I’ll bring my expertise and an awesome dance playlist to our photoshoot.


About Me

I’m Leslie, a multi-passionate creative helping purpose driven outdoor, travel and wellness brands with their digital marketing + photography needs. I’m fueled by community and coffee, geek out over anything Harry Potter, and never leave the house without my camera and journal.


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