Leslie Carvitto

| Photography + Digital Marketing


Welcome! I’m Leslie, a multi-passionate creative helping female business owners and conscious entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space.


How Can We Work Together?



Create a memorable first impression.

  • Say NO to stock photography and yes to authentic images that inspire your customers to notice you.


Elevate your online presence.

  • Not all content is created equal, especially in the eyes of Google. Let’s create powerful, personal copy that connects you to your audience.


Promote your service or product.

  • Trust me, modeling requires more skill than you think. I’ll bring my expertise and an awesome dance playlist to our photoshoot.


About Me

Nothing fuels me more than supporting purpose driven brands with a good story.

Ok truthfully, coffee fuels me pretty well too. As does community, exploring in nature, traveling, and collaborating with fellow creatives. When I’m not writing, strategizing or taking photos, you can find me at a yoga class, practicing my cross step, or absorbed in a library book.


Why Women?

I believe that women are the catalyst for social good, and that our feminine qualities of creativity, intuition, and empathy make us modern day superheroes. ⁣⁣

I believe that femininity is a gift that makes us naturally more compassionate and kind, flexible and fluid, nurturing and receptive.

I believe that we’ll be the ones changing the world for the better. ⁣⁣


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