Travel Coffee Kit Essentials

The routine of greeting the morning with coffee remains the same regardless of where we are in the world.   Even if the destination is the backcountry, we always make space in our backpacks for our travel coffee kit. Ya, we take our coffee seriously.  Some are fascinated by our commitment to a great cup of jo. Others can't understand why we won't just pack Starbucks Vita Instant Coffee and call it good.  But when morning comes around, people gravitate towards our set up. Because it's really hard to resist a freshly ground cup of coffee.... especially if you can enjoy it while watching the sunrise on a mountain! 

Travel coffee kit essentials. Making coffee during sunrise on a backpacking trip in summer.Photo by Brooke Fitts

What makes up the essential items in our travel kit? 

Aeropress: Jared gifted me with an Aeropress kit shortly after we met and my coffee game has never been the same. It's the most portable and durable device for brewing coffee, but we love it so much that we actually use it at home every morning.  
*Scooper, stirrer, funnel are included in the kit.

Disk/Metal Coffee Filter: Every Aeropress comes with a hefty stack of paper filters. I argue, why use paper when you can purchase a metal filter that's reusable and super easy to clean?   

Coffee Beans: Full disclosure, I am biased about my coffee since my family owns Lookout Coffee Roasters.  While our shelves are typically filled with third wave goodness from Lookout, variety is the spice of life right?  Other coffees we drink regularly include; George Howell, Kuma and Olympia.

Porlex Mini Grinder: To ensure we have the freshest cup of coffee, we grind the beans just before brewing.  Even though early, cold mornings on the mountain make me rethink this rule.

Insulated To-Go Mug: Those campfire mugs may be super cute but they're also super useless when it comes to keeping coffee hot. After our first cup in the morning, we make a second cup to share on the trail and keep it in an insulated mug. It's great for a post-lunch caffeine kick that keeps us moving towards our destination.

MSR Reactor Stove System: This is the 'fastest and most fuel efficient stove ever made' according to MSR. While I haven't tested enough to say if that's true, I can verify that this stove gets water to a boil in record time.  When patience is low and I just want a warm cup of deliciousness, this quick boil really works in my favor. 

Travel Coffee Kit essentials include an aeropress, fresh coffee beans and an MSRP Reactor stove to boil water. Photo by Brooke Fitts
An Aeropress is an easy and portable device to use while backpacking and camping. 
We are huge coffee enthusiasts and always bring a coffee travel kit with us wherever we go! Even when we're on a mountain top. 

Are you a coffee enthusiast too? Do you think we're kind of crazy for always packing our own coffee beans and Aeropress? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below! 

*All photos by the talented Brooke Fitts

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