A Weekend Worth Repeating

Formal Request! I want every weekend to include the elements of this past weekend.

Nature / Friends / Coffee / Quiet Time

The two sacred days held a little bit of everything.

We kicked off the weekend with a climb up Mt. Dickerman.

Mt. DIckerman Peak
Mt. DIckerman Peak

With 360 views of beauty at the top, the 4.3 mile climb is 100 % worth it. If you're hiking on a weekend, get started early. It's one of the more popular hikes in the North Cascades and over a dozen people were making there way up as we descended down around 11am. With an elevation gain of almost 1,000 ft per mile, your heart will be pumping and lungs expanding in no time. One of my favorite things about this hike was the diversity it provided in the short few miles to the 5723-foot summit. You begin in a dark canopy of forest and a little after half way, hit this open field that had me reminiscing on scenes from the Sound of Music! Blueberry plants line the trail (and thankfully I didn't notice till the way down, otherwise I would have been stopping every other minute) and wildflowers were plentiful. It's here you get a glimpse of what you're in for if you just keeping moving forward. The views at that point were great, but another mile up and they would get unreal.

North, East, South and West my eyes didn't know where to look! To the north, Baker and White Chuck. Glance East, it's Sloan and Glacier. Turn South and Rainier (on a clear day) begs to be seen.  And finally west, Pilchuck and Three Fingers stand tall.

The day drifted into night where we held a "Back to School" Party for our dear friend Carmen who is attending Cornish this fall! The party was complete with a photo booth, outdoor movie (Jumangi) and the most amazing kid snacks from our best school memories. Think animal cookies, fruit snacks, capri suns, AND a build your own PB & J station. My mentality shifted from a 26 year old adult to a 8 yr old girl who HAD to have more cookies and sour patch kids for the movie, and ugh was I feeling the sugar effects the next morning.

Nothing a little coffee couldn't fix.

Coffee from Neptune and Kuma Coffee in Seattle WA
Coffee from Neptune and Kuma Coffee in Seattle WA

If you haven't been to Neptune Coffee in Greenwood... shame on you. And if you haven't had Kuma Coffee (roasted right in our backyard of Seattle), make a note to do so asap.  We're lucky that we can get our morning fix and stock up for the week in one stop.

Following coffee came quiet time. A misty mid morning spent on the Alki Beach writing and reading from "The Enlightened Heart."  In it contains some of my favorite poets Rumi, Kabir and Walt Whitman.

The day rounded out with a sunny Greenlake workout and a home cooked Thai dinner with my love. I'm not even bothered that today is Monday.  I'm still content and full from a  weekend well spent. Have a wonderful week!

Mahalo Nui <3

"By the time I recognize this moment, this moment will be gone. So I will bend the light pretend, that it somehow lingered on." J. Mayer