Aloha Friday : [my] Season Change

Fall Season

This weeks Aloha Friday is a stark difference to last weeks.

Seasons, including mine, have officially changed.  I've left the comfort and warmth of my tiny island, crossed the Pacific and landed into fall.  I've traded in bikinis for beanies and Hunter rain boots.  My espresso intake has doubled and I've put my usual aversion to hot yoga behind me.  I sold my car, donated countless bags to Goodwill, said goodbye to my jobs and my community and bounced onto Alaskan Airlines last week moved by love and for love.

Everything has changed and yet nothing has changed.  Identification with the transitory, the temporary, would have me one rainy day away from depression.  Conversations with strangers has me confronting their perplexed faces and answering their curious questions and of why I moved from paradise to cold grey Washington.  At one point, I would have been puzzled as well.  Not too long ago, I did find myself identifying with all it meant to live the island lifestyle.  Hawaii is so much more than surf, yoga, shelling, beach days, hiking, fresh coconuts and sunsets.....but it was a big part of my years there and I lived it well. ;) I love Hawaii and it will always be my haven and home but my actual love resides in Washington.  After almost a year of back and forth and continuous communication on intentions and options, here I am.

Happy. Blessed. Grateful. Supported. Embracing all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. (Brilliant fall foliage, colder temperatures and cheaper groceries!) So what hasn't changed? The desire to fulfill every higher purpose inside me, my intention to align with supreme intelligence and noticing the oceanic abundance that permeates me.

My geographic location may be different and my tan may fade.  My daily life and activities will modify but I'm not going to waste time trying to predict the future.  Attention to this time in space is all that matters and all I need to be preoccupied with.  So for now, I relax and let my next chapter and adventure unfold.  However if you don't hear from me in a few weeks, assume my fingers are frozen and inoperable.

Mahalo nui xo-

 PS> thank you to everyone who has been supportive and stoked on my new endeavor.  You're enthusiasm and encouragement mean the world and I am a lucky lucky lady to have extensive loving friends and family.