Carry On Packing Essentials for Long Flights


What to pack on your carry on for long international flights.

Packing for an exceptionally long flight? My travels have taught me what to include on my carry on to keep me occupied and comfortable for long hours in the air.

Before my trip to Boston last month, I hadn't endured a long flight for months.  To get from West coast to East coast is about 6 hours, plus a 3 hour time difference to adjust to.  I considered this practice as we prepare for a much longer flight to Santiago, Chile (approximately 17 hours of travel with a layover) in a few days! I thought about the carry on items that will ease the pain of crossing over countries and time zones, and the inevitable jet lag that comes with international travel. Here is a list of  items I will be traveling with to help make the day of travel as pain free as possible.

Stay Comfortable

Warm socks- As soon as we take off, I kick off my shoes and change into my thick, fuzzy wool socks. (I swear my feet and socks are clean.) Yoga Pants- My love for lululemon products hasn't wavered. I still have most of the stretchy pants I purchased while working there and they are always the first thing to be packed. Scarf- Triple use: Neck warmer, blanket and/or pillow.

Stay Refreshed

Cleansing wipes- For layovers or when you wake up from a (not great) sleep on the plane. Tea- My friend gave us a few tea packets to enjoy before dropping us off for an overnight flight last month. It was perfect treat for after dinner while we were winding down and trying to get some rest. Toothbrush- There is almost no better feeling than clean teeth after a red eye or 12 + hours on a flight. It's a mental reset. Travel Size Lotion & Lip Moisturizer- Great for keeping your skin and lips hydrated and happy.

Stay Entertained

Journal- Play games, record your thoughts, draw... it's always good to have some blank sheets of paper around. Movies on the iPad- Suggestions anyone?! We have 6 flights altogether! Novel(s)- So far I only have "Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer on my reading list for the trip. I don't want to weigh my bag down with books but I'm sure I could squeeze in one or two more paperbacks. Recommendations are gladly accepted. Snacks- Airport and airplane food aren't always the best. I like to pack my own snacks like fresh fruit, trail mix and Aloha protein bars. Bose headphones-  Solid noise cancelers, lightweight and ultra comfortable.

 What do you carry with you on long flights? What's the longest flight you've taken and how did you survive? Share your tips and recommendations with me!