Get Outside, Rain or Shine


"Apparently the best way to get through bad weather is to talk about it incessantly."

Pintrest presented me with this quote and I instantly laughed and related. Weather is cursed at least once a day now that summer has sadly said goodbye.


Honestly, one of the fears I wrestled with when I moved from Hawaii to Washington was how I would survive the dark and cold months.

I was doubtful that any season with temperatures below 50 and that rarely provided sunlight was not a season I wanted to become familiar with. However, one thing I noticed immediately was that weather does NOT hold people back here.

Unless you want to be a hermit for 4+ months, you can't let the weather dictate if you get outside or not.

Lucky for me, my first winter in the Pacific Northwest was mild. I remember thinking, hey this isn't so bad!  I can handle this season stuff.  Turns out it was a fluke. Locals called it unusual.  It was a dry winter with an abundance of sun and an equal abundance of  peeved skiers.

Woodland Park, Seattle WA

I'm heading into my 4th winter now and I've become one of the locals who disregards weather to be outdoors.  While I still and will always prefer to be out and about when the sun can kiss my skin, I will absolutely go stir-crazy if I'm not getting outside and inhaling sweet fresh oxygen.

Which is why today, after a week filled with 5 days of grey and rain, a few friends and I decided to just embrace it and get out.  Equipped with new Stanley Brand gear , we ventured to a local park to enjoy a delicious food spread and test out my new Stanley brand Happy Hour System.

Because when the sun won't keep you warm, hot toddy's will.

Stanley Brand Happy Hour Kit

Using Stanley Brand Happy Hour Kit to make hot toddys

We used Stanley Brand's Classic 1.1 qt vacuum bottle filled with piping hot water (it keeps beverages hot for 24 hours!) + the Classic Flask filled with Westland's Single Malt whiskey and combined it all using the Adventure Happy Hour System (which includes a citrus reamer and 4 double steel rock glasses). This is an all-encompassing cocktail shaker with 7 pieces that nests within itself, making it easy to pack and store. More often than not I will choose beer over a cocktail, but I will admit that whiskey, lemon and honey felt just right on this overcast day.

Making hot toddys with Stanley Brands Happy Hour Kit

Hot Toddys with Stanley Brands Happy Hour Kit

Food & Drink- Stanley Brand


Stanely Brand Gear - Happy Hour

Happy Hour with Stanley Brand

Winston was interested in Stanley Brand's Classic Stein.  Sorry Winston, beer is not for pups! Check out all of Stanley Brand's outdoor gear here


Do you experience all 4 seasons where you live? Any other people struggle with Winter? How do you embrace the changes and what keeps you content (or at least sane) until Spring? Share with me in the comments below.

**Disclaimer: Be responsible and ALWAYS have a designated sober driver.