#ifnothing || think possible


"If nothing were stopping me I would.…"


lululemon and social media got the best of me when they kicked off their "if nothing" campaign, urging followers to share an image and tell the world what they would do. No restrictions. No responsibilities. No fear. No obligations.

What Would You Do?

This one simple question began a mental domino effect of inquisitions.  One of the first things that popped into my head, my question to the answer attached to the yoga photo above, was "I would be leading retreats in the mountains & by the ocean… connecting my passions for yoga, nature and community."  The answer came to mind organically and didn't surprise me. It combined my greatest love of people, being outdoors and practicing yoga. With the first question earnestly answered my mind moved on to the next question, "Why are you not doing it?"

I'm holding myself back.  Anyone else with me?  We all hold ourselves back in one or more areas of our lives with disbelief, negative self talk or just good old habitual excuses.  The idea that outside sources are holding us back is the egos way of keeping us hesitant and playing small. By blaming outside circumstances, we shift the responsibility to live our truth and give the power back to fear.  I notice it majorly in my life when I begin to dwell in possibility,  fear of failure wants to wrap a blanket around me and bring me back to bed where dreams are only lived in deep sleep.

But I see sparks. I recognize that with enough commitment, sacrifice and surrender, the "if" would disappear and all that would be left is "nothing", as in NOTHING is impossible.

Try it for yourself. Complete the sentence, " if nothing were stopping me I would ....."

Got an answer? Great! Now more importantly, ask yourself what IS stopping you? And find the resolve to charge right through it.

mahalo nui xo