Joining the Dirtbag Darling Team


North Cascades, WA Almost 3 years ago, I created a section on this site called "Modern Muse" that would focus on women's inspiring stories of living creatively, setting and crushing goals, sharing advice and living a life of passion and commitment to their purpose and dreams.

Johnie from Dirtbag Darling was one of my first gals I reached out to. I had been an avid follower of her inviting and down to Earth blog that focuses on getting women stoked on pursuing outdoor activities. It's a "friendly, happy, come out and join us approach" as she put it.

I felt a kindred connection with her as I read her answers to my earnest questions and learned more about her what supplied her with stoke, words she lives by and her motivation to lift up females in the outdoor community.

Flash forward 2 years later and now I'm on her website! I recently became a contributing writer alongside some badass adventurers and I'm excited to be a voice with so many creative and courageous women whose common love is the outdoors.

Check out my first two articles and let me know what you want to read more about!

Leslie Schipper: #DefendersofFun

Local Living: Leavenworth, WA