MindBodyGreen : 5 Tips to Tame the Yoga Ego

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 1.52.47 PM I've had a lot of luck in the writing department lately from being published in Origin Magazine to joining the team at Vibrant Wellness Journal.  This morning, another blessed surprise found its way to my inbox from MindBodyGreen.  My article (5 Tips to Tame the Yoga Ego) had been reviewed and published on their site!  My piece started as a response to my (minor) instagram addiction and my (major) inspiration for following yogis & their circus freak photos.  Yes, it looks incredible and stunning. Yes, I am a little jealous that I can't do it.  But ultimately, does it feel good in your body? Is there integration and ease in the posture? Are you even breathing?   Despite all these questions, I still found myself wanting to test out some of the cirque du soleil poses.  But instead of compensating my own practice for something that looked aesthetically pleasing, I decided to write about it.  Yogi's around the world, I still find inspiration in your scorpion poses and beautiful inversions with no hands, but don't expect to see any of that on my instagram feed.  But who am I kidding, you will still find plenty of #yogilife motivated photos. (instagram: lschipper)

So here it is, 5 Tips to Tame the Yoga Ego , because we all know that self-pride and admiration comes out every once in a while.

Below are a few of my admirable friends with even more admirable practices. No ego involved. They practice and play on their mat with ease and intelligence- to express not impress.