Modern Muse: Goals on the Rocks with Jacki Carr


"I want to live in a World where people get possible. Let's get up to it. Goals Coach. Adventures. Writer. Hiker. Rock Your Bliss."

Jacki Carr

You can't sum up the human spirit in a sentence. Words we use to describe ourselves will continuously fall short in capturing our essence and full potential. With that in mind, Rock Your Bliss co-founder and Goal Coach Jacki Carr does a seriously great job at condensing her lively and vibrating energy into a few words that express her best.  Confident, level-headed and humble as can be, it was pure joy chatting with Jacki about her story and the legacy she intends on leaving in this world.

The epitome of authentic living, Carr's found her purpose in connecting, inspiring and creating with others through goal coaching and public speaking.

lululemon athletica- jacki carr

Beautiful Abundance + Human Interaction


Finding lululemon athletica and mentor Susanne Conrad at the "most radical time", Jacki spent six years growing (both personally and professionally) with the company and shadowing Conrad at leadership and community events.  Working with a culture of like-minded goal crushers, her vision began to unfold organically and lead her to take an intensive training directly with Conrad, certifying her as an igolu (pronounced i-goal-you) leader <a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting and leadership training work that she certifies others to lead.>

With training under her belt and the intuition that this was something she could offer to the world, she set off to finding her voice and creating a vibration of leadership and intention. OH and then a little thing called "Rock Your Bliss" became a reality. Sitting on the beach with best friend and game-changer Mary-Beth, their idea of transformation through the power of yoga, coaching and community aligned like magic and the fun began.

Rock Your Bliss

So what IS Bliss exactly? To Jacki,  "Bliss is that sweaty hug after yoga, that high five after crossing a finish line, that moment you start to feel tears well in the corner of your eyes from sheer joy, the heart flutter where you question if your heart is an actual muscle or a radical butterfly, for real?  Bliss is you being you at your most powerful vibration, me being me in my most connected space, and us, being the World, creating magic through human connection and living bigger because we are rocking the bliss. BOOM." 

As I sit and write this in the Northwest cold, the Rock Your Bliss crew is down in Sayulita, Mexico soaking up the sun and moving from one enjoyable activity to the next.  Yoga, goal coaching, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, meditating and surfing are just a few things on the menu while the actual meal menus are created from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

My new goal? Register for their next retreat!

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