Modern Muse: Singer-Songwriter Naomi Wachira

Seattle Singer Songwriter- Naomi Wachira

I've taken a break from public blogging, but not private writing. I continue to wake up each morning, balance my cup of coffee and journal in my lap, and find comfort in my morning ritual of writing morning pages.  That journal is only for my set of eyes and contains my daily observations and ideas about the perplexing life questions we are all trying to answer.

I have missed my little space of the internet, mostly the way it enabled me to connect with so many eclectic creatives and soul powered humans. Modern Muse makes this site about something bigger than myself.  In a world that is so focused on the self (I'm no exception), I find purpose in sharing others stories, even if the only outcome is that 1-2 more people know about them and their intentions.

A few months ago I met a spectacular women who belongs in the modern muse category. Singer-Songwriter Naomi Wachira was gracious enough to meet me for coffee and interview her for DISFunkshion magazine. From the moment we sat down I felt her authenticity radiating. (I hope you've all been in the presence of someone like that.) I had read she was a self proclaimed introvert, yet Naomi was responsive to reflecting on a rocky past and open on her optimism for a promising future.  I'm honored to share her story and hope that I captured just an inch of her passionate and profound personality.

 Chronicling Life: Inspiring Hope - Naomi Wachira

“Hope has always been a big theme for me. Even when I was a little kid I always felt if I was going to do music, I was going to do music that had hope for people.” Whether she’s tackling difficult issues like domestic violence or social justice, singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira strives to tell her audience a story in a respectful, dignified and honest way. Naomi draws from her personal experiences and plunges into the depths of vulnerability to narrate her struggles and transformation, making each song she writes feel like an intimate invitation to her trust and friendship. While her passion for music is palpable, her belief in every word she sings is best validated watching her live, when she becomes so absorbed in her lyrics that you have no choice but to re-live the story with her.  If ever I witnessed a person that was living their purpose, surely that moment was meeting Naomi."

Read the full story here , photos provided by Janell Kallander