Motivation Monday: You are More…..


sunrise snap by my talented brother Chris xo "You have a power that has nothing to do with what you do

or what you say

or who you know or what you know

or where you are or what you look like or your skills

or your talents

or what you have

It is the power of your presence.

It is the heat and light from your burning log.

And it touches everyone who comes in contact with you…." 

-Paul Williams, Remember your Essence 

 I have frequently identified who I think I am based on decisions I've made, jobs I've held and the locations I've dwelled.  Naturally, how I fill my schedule and the people I surround myself with have an influence on my thoughts and associations.  I've always believed I was a chameleon, able to adapt based on situations and company present.  While most of the time these stages & moments are fleeting, a huge shift (and indefinitely permanent) lifestyle has churned up questions and confusion.  Who am I? Well, I was a yoga teacher, now I work in the corporate world. I was a creative, now I scramble to find time to write.  I was a traveler, now I have to request PTO. I was an island girl, now I wear flannels and REI down jackets.  I was floating, now I'm planted. This kind of attachment to "was" aka the PAST and association with what I do, to who I am, will drive me crazy.  Paul William's quote from "Remember Your Essence" really resonated with me and the transition I am going through.  To judge myself based on my skills, my connections, my external appearance, my education, my job and salary, and my location is to limit myself in this life.  To attach to my thoughts and emotions is to close my mind to the idea that I am purely, simply, consciousness.   When I anchor myself back in my true nature, I remember my perceptions and the meanings I give to life’s circumstances shape my experience.  It is up to me to be selective about which thoughts and emotions I'm believing, even amidst challenges and change.  So what am I believing? That I am a conscious soul, inhabiting a human body, that is privileged and blessed to be here, now.

What are you believing?