Postcard from Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy 

Arrived in: Florence via a hyper-speed train from Rome (1.5 hours) 

My first impression is: 

  • Compared to Rome, the city is much quieter. And I'm thankful for that! 
  • The Cathedral of Florence has moved into my top spot for favorite church (and that's just from seeing the outside) 

I'm most excited about: our run to Michelangelo Piazza and the Boboli Gardens + making breakfast at home this morning. I miss cooking and eating eggs & avocado toast. (*Reminder that breakfast here is usually on the go and consists of a coffee and a croissant or piece of bread). 

I'm surprised that: 

  • there are so many bicyclists on these narrow roads, and that nobody wears helmets.
  • at the grocery store, the clerk will open up a purchased wine bottle for you at the register! It's definitely a different drinking culture here. 
  • we found another craft beer spot! We've been giving wine the cold shoulder and this is really not the place to do it! 

I learned:

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore took over 140 years to complete
  • most wineries sell wine in bulk! The conversation began with our host when we spotted a recycled water bottle housing red wine. He told us in Italy, you bring your own container (can be gallon jugs, empty water bottles, etc) and the winery will fill it up for a few euro! 

The best thing is that: we are climbing to the top of the Giotto's Bell Tower and the Duomo this evening! Also, I found a yoga studio in a cathedral. My body is craving some good stretching and movement.