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“Your Path Does Not Have to Be Linear”

I wholeheartedly believe that being multi-passionate is a gift, but I didn’t always view it that way. Post college, right after a quick and dirty corporate PR internship with a hotel group, I decided that I didn’t want a traditional 9-5 role. At least not at the moment. Life’s too short, I was too young and I lived in HAWAII.

North shore Hawaii - Keiki Beach at sunset

Since I didn’t know how long my stay on the island would be (it ended up being 7), I really wanted to make the most of my time and embrace the island lifestyle. Which meant minimal work and maximum time in the sun and ocean.

I reflect on my time in Hawaii with warm memories, but the reality is a lot of the time I felt lost in indecision. My inspiration often pulled me in different directions and I went from wanting to do “all the things” to just wanting one specific passion or talent to pursue. The back and forth was exhausting and I knew I wasn’t living up to my potential. Little did I know that this non-linear path would help me create my own career when I was ready.

I wrote an article for the surf & lifestyle blog “No Shoes No Worries” where I share what this journey has looked like, and how I started to let go of the idea that a career should look a certain way. You can read the full article by clicking the button below.

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“Your Path Does Not Have to Be Linear”

Salty Contributor: No Shoes No Worries