Vision & Goals


Goals have always played a significant role in my life.  That sense of success - accomplishing something you've set out to do and worked hard for is a high that can't be matched. It wasn't until I started working for lululemon that I really put any thought into a vision.  Your vision is the big picture, what all your goals are leading up to.  Since working at lululemon I have been through multiple goal setting sessions to define and write down my goals, goal coaching trainings,  and then had the pleasure of using my skills to coach my co-workers and our ambassadors.  Hearing peoples goals is incredibly inspiring!  I love listening to what others have planned for their lives and finding out how I can support them.  Back to Visions though! A vision is where it all begins.

Imagine your life in 10 years. You have NO limitations. If time, money, education, experience were no issue, you had zero constraints in the world, what would you do? What does it look like?  What does it feel like? What does a day in your ideal life look like? What are your core values? What is most important to you? Where will you live? What type of home will it be? What will the community feel like? Are you single, with a partner, married, living with friends? Do you have children or pets? Do you work? You are unlimited. You can be anyone and do anything in the world.

In your vision, you are creating the possibility of everything you want to be fact.  No self-limits.  Just your ideal life- now go get it! From our 10 year vision, we can create 10, 5 and 1 year goals in personal, health and career that will compliment and work with each other to get us to that 10 year vision of leading a life that you love. That's so powerful!

And one of the wonderful things is that visions and goals can (and should) change as we develop and grow.  Something that you wanted a year ago might not be important to you anymore.  Or you may have acquired a new core value that changes the way you live your life.  Goals can (and once again should) be edited at any time and moment that you feel a shift in your vision or awareness of what you really want.

My Vision of Life in Ten Years:

In ten years, I will be 33.  I am in a committed and loving relationship where we support and inspire each other daily in our dreams and goals. I wake up each morning starting with meditation and a yoga practice full of gratitude.  I am at a creative job that challenges me and allows me to work with people and help elevate them to greatness! I am a certified yoga instructor and I teach yoga part time- mixing it up between teaching at local studios, outdoors in nature, and doing donation based classes to make sure the gift of yoga is spread to all regardless of personal financial income.  I travel to a foreign country at least once a year and am able to get away and take my boat up to Lake Tahoe where we spend summers with my family wakeboarding, hiking, and reconnecting. My significant other and I own a home in California but take frequent trips to Hawaii as a second home. My family is active in the community- volunteering for non-profits and supporting local companies and farmers.  I continue to be active in yoga, pilates, and running while mixing in activities like hiking and surfing.  I challenge myself with new sports and trying new classes. I have a loyal following on my website that I update weekly as an outlet for my writing and also acts as a source of inspiration for others.  I continue to write and do photography on the side contributing to travel and health/yoga publications.  I have learned the art of balance and have ample time to spend with my family and friends, maintaining my fitness, and inspiring people through my work.

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