Postcard from Annecy, France

Annecy, France 

Arrived in: Annecy via 2 trains > Dijon to Lyon, Lyon to Annecy

My first impression is:  it is every bit as quaint and beautiful as the photos depict. The lake is a bright, fresh blue and the mountains are striking in the near distance. 

I'm most excited about: doing a long bike ride around the lake tomorrow and hiking Mont Veyrier with our new friend and fellow photographer/writer Caroline

I'm surprised that: 

  • you can rent a boat to tour the lake without a license. 
  • there are even more cheeses to try out here that are specific to the region. So far, Beaufort is our favorite! 

I learned:

  • Annecy's nickname is "the Venice of Savoy" because of towns arcaded streets that interlace with winding canals.
  • The old town straddles the Thiou River. With a length of only 3.5 km, it's one of France's shortest rivers. 
  • The lake is the third largest in France and has gained the reputation as Europe's cleanest lake. 

The best thing is that: 

  • We are out of the city and a stone's throw away from nature.
  • I caught the sunrise this morning on my run along the lake.
  • I reached out to a photographer via Instagram (ya, not the first time I've made a friend this way!) and we met for coffee and a stroll through the weekly market today!