| 28 | The Year of Commitment


Birthday dinner at Anchovies & Olives

Birthday Wishes + Counting Blessings

Before I dive into what I will focus on in my 28th year (even though the title of this post gives it away) I want to reflect on year 27, the year of selflessness. Last year was my first birthday in Seattle, and the theme for the year was very much inspired by the community that helped me celebrate. But first, let me back track even more. Before moving to Seattle, I lived a life that revolved around.... well, me. I was my main priority, concerned with my own happiness and what I wanted to extract out of life.  Being selfless really began to define itself when Jared entered my life. He is the pure expression of selflessness and I instantly admired the way he cared for his relationships.

When I moved to the Northwest, I was dropped into a new community.  An incredibly loving, generous and kind tribe that forced me to reflect on how preoccupied I had become with my own affairs.  Just by surrounding myself with this compassionate company, I noticed a gradual transformation. I met my edge many times and had to force myself into situations that pushed me past my comfort zone. Gradually I softened and felt myself relinquish (if even in tiny amounts) from gripping on so tightly and learning to give more freely.  While I could surely use another year (or 10 to a lifetime) to continue refining the art of selflessness, it's a new year and a new intention has formed. Which leads me to...

Year 28- The Year of Commitment

I started thinking about my word for this year weeks ago but the definition came before I could pin down the word. I knew what I wanted to cultivate more of in my life, but couldn't figure out the word to really encompass it.  I spent time writing down words and looking up synonyms in the thesauras before landing on commitment. In the past, commitment and follow through is something I've struggled with. I admit to having an infinite number of interests, which keeps me from diving too deep into one subject and sticking with it. I haven't decided whether if it's a gift or a curse.  I've been called "flighty", a dreamer, indecisive and vata imbalanced (for the yogis out there). And by the way I'm not saying any of these aren't true. I have definitely been all of the above.

The inspiration for commitment came when I was digging through my old journals and found lists of goals and vision boards I made when I was living in Hawaii (2007-2014).  I balked at the fact that so many of them are STILL on my list, patiently waiting to be accomplished. Growing a garden, learning photography, writing for publications.... yup,  all three of those found their way to my list of intentions for 2015. Follow through was obviously lacking in previous years. Not this year. Aside from my personal ambitions, my year of commitment is an opportunity to encompass last years theme and focus on my commitment to selflessness in relationships. I want be better at calling just to catch up, at remembering birthdays and special events, at sending cards just because and being there in critical moments of need. Another word for commitment is engaged, and I'm exciting to bring a new level of engagement and attention to all areas of my life.

Thank you to everyone's well wishes and for helping me celebrate another year! xo