Preparing for my First Fall Backpacking Trip


I decided that just because I don't live in Hawaii anymore doesn't mean I can't celebrate Aloha Friday! So the activities may have changed a bit. I swap bikinis for boots and am typically covered up head to toes when I step out the front door. An "Aloha Friday" in Hawaii may have incorporated a surf at Diamond Head, a lazy lounge at Kaimana's beach, a walk around Kapiolani Park with a friend followed by an acai bowl at Health Bar.

What to Pack for A Winter Backpack Trip
What to Pack for A Winter Backpack Trip

Today, it consists of packing (layers) for a weekend adventure. I have been pining over a trip to the Enchantments since I first heard about them. With the trailhead just a few miles from my in-laws house, it's been tormenting to be so close but not be able to dedicate the right amount of time to it. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the area, a permit is required for overnight backpacking during peak hiking season (between June 15 and October 15) and demand far exceeds the number available. A pre-season lottery is held to allocate the permits and if you don't get one, well better luck next season. Maybe one of the only silver linings about summer being over is that we are now outside of permit season! So I'm off to finish my packing to get on the road. The mountains are waiting!

Hope you have a wonderful Aloha Friday wherever you are. Who else is wayfaring this weekend?

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