Earth Day || A Celebration of Creation


"Living with the knowledge that the cosmos is alive causes us to do something. It challenges us. Earth-based spirituality makes certain demands. That is, when we start to understand that the Earth is alive, she calls us to act to preserve her life. When we understand that everything is interconnected, we are called to politics and set of actions that come from compassion, from the ability to literally feel with all living beings on the Earth. That feeling is the ground upon which we can build community and come together and take action and find direction. Earth-based spirituality calls us to live with integrity. Once we know that we’re all part of this living body, this world becomes the terrain where we live out spiritual growth and development…and the way we do it is by enacting what we believe, by taking responsibility for what we do.”-Reweaving the World by Irene Diamond and Gloria Feman Orenstein

In honor of Earth Day, I've shared 5 places where I immediately feel connected to creation.  All locations just happen to be on the West Coast where land meets water. I guess I have a little bit of a bias?

Where do you feel a direct connection to nature? Share some of your favorite places in the comments below.

Yokohama Bay, Oahu- Many many many hours have been spent at this remote beach on Oahu. You're not called to do anything more than swim in the pristine clear water and absorb the nutrients provided by the sun.  Activities usually include; feasting on poke, diving for shells, naps, walking along the beach and filling up the gallery on my phone to capacity, and staying till after the sun sets.

Yokohama Bay at Sunset, Oahu Hawaii Yokohama Bay at Sunset, Oahu Hawaii

Lake Tahoe, CAA place very near and dear to my heart. A spot on the map that continues to bring my family together every year for a week of uninterrupted, stress free vacation. The best days include waking up early to wakeboard on a glassy lake, packed picnic lunches, planting myself in the sand at Emerald Bay (good book in hand), happy hour on the deck and long family dinners with views of the lake.

Sunrise on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, CASunrise on the North shore of Lake Tahoe, CA

Big Sur, CA- The energy at Big Sur has always felt a bit indescribable, but it is no mystery why people from all over the world travel to drive Highway 1 and stop here along the way. I love how the beaches kiss the jagged coastline. There is barely any separation between mountain and ocean and the long stretch without buildings and development is pure joy to me.  The ocean may not be the calmest of warmest to jump into, but I have no problem being a spectator at this spot.

Ariel View of Big Sur, CA, Highway 101 Ariel View of Big Sur, CA, Highway 101

Cascades, WA- The proximity of Seattle to the mountains is one of the city's best selling points. The North Cascades is a National Park I'm eager to spend more time in and am already ini research mode for backpacking this summer. The diversity of the park runs wide ranging from temperate rainforest on the west side and dry ponderosa pine ecosystem in the east. Sunset magazine recently named it one of the best National Parks on the West Coast and one of the most underused with fewer than 20,000 visitors annually.

Hiking Mt. Diablo, North Cascades, WAHiking Big 4 Ice caves North Cascades, WA

Tofino, BC- Jared and I ended up in Tofino (unplanned) on our first road trip together. Suggested to us by a fellow traveler in a VW bus on the ferry, we picked up a map and set west once we landed on Vancouver Island. I had no expectations but was blown away at the natural beauty and charm of the town and the locals.  Referred to as the "jewel of Canada's West Coast", it's an outdoor enthusiast paradise with fishing, kayaking, whale watching, bear-watching, camping, hiking and surfing!

Tofino, BC , traveling in Canadatraveling in British Columbia