Franks Martin: Creative Lifestyle & Portrait Photoshoot | Black Rock, Melbourne

Franks Martin | a woman of extremes: author & yoga teacher

words from her book: Anatomy - a collection of poems honouring the cycles of life, love and passion as we feel them in our bodies.

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lessons from the ocean:

take up space

change is acceptable, always

do not apologise for your power

your depth

or body.


what if

we gazed upon our bodies

in the same way we gaze upon art

with adoration



deepest gratitude

for the expression laid before us


i am

as deep

as i am light

i am not for the weak of heart

honour this

or step aside


“Leslie is sunshine. Shooting with her was equal parts joyful, empowering and professional. She created a beautiful space in which I felt comfortable to be myself entirely. From the start, this felt like a collaboration - she is both open to new ideas and happy to direct as she intuitively feels. The ease and flow she cultivated is evident in the striking images we created together”

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