Motivation Monday: Finding work-life balance….


The phrase, "there aren't enough hours in the day" is one we've all heard but I admit, one I didn't quite understand until recently.  Rewind to a few months ago- you would never see me frazzled, feeling stressed for time or anxious over a deadline.

Responsibility was minimal and PLAY took precedence.  I often described Hawaii as Neverland full of lost boys but never stopped to think that I was Wendy who never returned back to London.  I had the ultimate freedom and didn't understand or relate to the idea of living for the weekend or why people despised Monday so much.

Fast forward. I am 6 weeks into a full time "big girl" job.  I now understand the saying, there aren't enough hours in the day. I sympathize with anyone in similar situations and wonder how on Earth people with families even function on top of working 8+ hours a day [the logic behind a booming Nanny industry?]

It's pretty crazy if you think about it. The amount of time you spend at work is equivalent, maybe even more to the amount of time you spend sleeping. It is more than you spend with your family and friends and it is more than you spend outdoors and engaging in your passions & hobbies (unless by chance your work IS your passion and in that case, kudos! You are extremely lucky.)

With the first few weeks of adjustment came highs and lows, struggling to find equanimity of any kind with my emotions and thoughts.  The cycle, long and predictable, had me up by 6 am and back in the door by 6pm.  After talking all day to people, the last thing I wanted to do was more talking.  After sitting all day, my mind told my body that it was time to move but my body told my mind it was too tired. It was too much effort. It was too cold outside. I just wanted to eat dinner and go to bed. And this vicious cycle of negativity and focusing on the LACK kept me from noticing any abundance and that idea that I had a choice.

"The bad news is time flies, the good news is your the pilot." 

As a pilot in my day, how was I operating my time? I would complain about no extra minutes for the essentials in my life but also spent a fair amount of time wasted when I had the opportunity to engage in things I loved. The bottom line is, we aren't getting more hours out of the day, so it comes down to prioritizing. Work isn't stopping and sleep is vital for any normal functioning. Are the things I claim important getting adequate attention in my life?  The vitals that give me energy turned out to be the actions that were the first to go when I started stressing about my lack of time.

So I came up with a list. A small list of 5 things that bring me joy, peace, clarity and are good for my health and well-being.  While it would be uh-maz-ing to practice all 5 everyday, holding myself accountable to just one still works wonders.  For my own personal mind-body-spirit wellness, it is extremely important that I prioritize grounding so that I don't become an overwhelmed stress ball.

Yoga - Meditation - Writing - Cooking Healthy Meals - Connecting with Family/Friends

Silver lining? The less time you have in a day, the more precious every moment is.  I've tried to connect to this and experience everything in its depth.  I've shifted my focusing to giving my attention fully to the project or person in front of me and to be intentional with my time because it's too cherished to waste.

Reflect on your own days and notice how you are spending your energy.  Are the important things receiving enough time? Do you feel balanced with your current work-play schedule? What are a few of your non negotiables that you make time for?

Mahalo nui, Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!