The New York Times & ME!


You never know who will be reading your work.  I would have never imagined that Kayleen Schaefer, contributing writer to the New York Times and Senior Editor at Women's Health would come across one of my yoga articles written for MindBodyGreen.  But she did. And when I received an e-mail from her with the subject line "Questions from the New York Times", I nearly fell off my seat. This had to be spam right?!

To my surprise and absolute delight it wasn't.  I had no idea if the story would actually be published but I mulled over her questions, answered and edited with equal eagerness and care and clicked the send button before I could over think it and drive myself crazy.

New York Times

Thank God I have friends who read the New York Times. Had my beautiful soul sister Jess from Wanderlust never shared the link to my Facebook, the story would have definitely floated on into cyberspace without me knowing! Feeling over the moon grateful for the mention and shout out.

Check out the article!  Yoga Practitioners Gaze at their Inner Selfies 

One baby step for me, one giant step for my writing.  Gotta keep believing, working on those positive affirmations, and pushing hard towards my goals.  xo